Tiny Dinosaurs

If you have a child, or are a child, that loves dinosaurs, this is the book for you. It’s narrated by a charming sausage dog called Rex and features his closest friend, dinosaur-obsessed Daisy. Joel Stewart, author and illustrator, does not imagine that only boys like dinosaurs and it is refreshing to see that Daisy can appreciate these ancient animals despite her gender!

The book itself starts off as a romp with Daisy and Rex happily hunting dinosaurs in the garden. But gradually we realise that poor Rex has some issues. He is very possessive of his beloved Daisy, and when his mistress finds a whole stash of dinosaurs at the bottom of the garden, Rex is not too pleased. Convinced that Daisy won’t even miss him, Rex runs away. Matters are quickly resolved with Daisy chasing after him and telling him that they will always be friends. An interesting twist at the end shows that Rex has other challenges. He realises that he doesn’t like change, be that a new bed or a new neighbour, but he also realises that eventually he becomes accustomed to new things, and they no longer bother him. A reassuring message for young readers generally, and particularly for those children who struggle when routine is broken.

I loved the illustrations. Who wouldn’t want Daisy’s clothes? Stewart dresses her in pastel dresses with sunny yellow tops and orange fleeces with red tights all beautifully mimicking the dinosaurs’ colours. And as for Rex, the illustrations imbue him with charm and fun and pathos. There is nothing sadder than a sad sausage dog.

Book Cover - Tiny Dinosaurs
Publication Date
August 2021
Age range