Today I Feel… An Alphabet of Feelings

The concept of an alphabet of emotions is a good one. The books ends by asking the reader how they feel today, sending one back into re-reading the text and making some decisions. I can envisage this being a useful way to start discussions about emotions, particularly powerful ones, although the author/illustrator seems to largely steer clear of those. There is, for instance, no A for angry, merely G for grumpy. Powerful emotions are real for all of us, including children. Showing a limited range could suggest a kind of definition of the child as lesser.

I’m also unsure as to whether some of the moods identified are emotional states or not. One example is L for ‘light’, in which the child protagonist is lifted by balloons, as is M for ‘mini’, which features them as a tiny figure in a shirt pocket. Both are puzzling choices, but may still stimulate conversation starting from questions about what that might feel like. Other pages offer different puzzles as to meaning, such as B for ‘brilliant’, in which the page is covered in lights, but the figure of the child is in darkness.

The layout offers a letter on one page and a full-page image facing it. I found the watercolours quite attractive, but a little insipid at times. A nice idea, but flawed.

Book Cover - Today I Feel… An Alphabet of Feelings
Publication Date
October 2021
Age range