Too Many Cats!

Cat lover Lily’s whirlwind animal adventure is brilliantly conveyed in the lively cover of Sheehy’s lively picturebook. Lily’s overwhelming love for her cat, Lenny, leads her to hatch a devious plan culminating in a chaotic cat-astrophe! Lily will need to think quickly to return the lured cats to their owners and mollify Larry the dog. Lily’s reasoning may be relatable to young readers; if she adores having one cat what could be better than having innumerable cats?

The storyline is engaging, but the incredibly detailed and quirky illustrations steal the show as they enable young readers to follow the narrative without needing to read the text. An array of humorous and entertaining facial expressions characterises both humans and felines while encouraging the development of face-reading skills. Bursting with cats of every colour, size and shape, the vibrant illustrations ensure there are new elements to discover and enjoy with every re-read. The visual impact of the infusion of colour will keep the attention of young readers with every turn of the page. The text also utilises variations in font size and style to create emphasis and highlight instances of onomatopoeia.

Too Many Cats! invites little readers to think about the benefits of enjoying all things in moderation. Too much of what Lily loves leads to disaster and the narrative is a gentle lesson that sometimes less can be more. This delightfully silly tale is sure to bring the laughs!

About the Author/Illustrator
Photo - Kate Sheehy
Kate Sheehy lives in Sandycove, County Dublin, with her daughter Alice and their three cats Puss, Tigger and Goose. She received an MA in Children's Book Illustration from the Cambridge School of Art. Since graduating, Kate enjoys creating fun, colourful and quirky stories, mostly inspired by her pets.
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Book Cover - Too Many Cats!
Publication Date
September 2023