Travels With My Granny

Rix and Corr’s delightful picturebook centres on the loving relationship between Granny and her grandchild. Granny may not be able to remember yesterday, or move from her house, but she is able to bring her grandchild, and the reader, on a journey all over the globe, from Peru to China.

The book introduces the reader to ideas of dementia and memory loss in a gentle way. The focus on the journeys Granny is able to bring her grandchild on means that the confusion memory loss can bring is balanced by the understanding that love and imagination can still be present, even if the memory on one side is faulty. There is still so much in Granny’s head which she is able to share.

The vivid illustrations of the countries they visit give the reader plenty of detail to explore, really creating a sense of each new destination. The facts interwoven into the illustrations deserve special attention for making the journeys so enjoyable and informative.

This book is not just a book about dementia, but a book about love, travel and the power of the imagination. This is a thoroughly enjoyable read for younger and older readers alike.

Book Cover - Travels With My Granny
Publication Date
September 2018
Age range