This Tree Is Just For Me

This Tree is Just for Me is a beautifully told story about a young child seeking peace and quiet in a tree in his back garden to settle down with his book. At first, he wants to be alone with his book, so as many animals from snakes to monkeys look to share his company, he tells them ‘this tree is just for me.’

This book has a steady rhyming scheme that will have children captivated and hanging on the arrival of each new character before the conclusion where the child learns the importance of sharing. Sharing a good book with friends is often more enjoyable that reading alone. A wonderful story with fabulously vibrant illustrations that make for a perfect book for storytime. 

The theme of a child first choosing isolation over company is something a lot of children may be relating to at the moment. This could be the perfect book to encourage children to share and seek out company from friends as they go back to social situations again

Book cover - This Tree Is Just For Me
Publication Date
January 2022