Uki and the Ghostburrow

Uki and the Ghostburrow is the sixth installment in the Five Realm Series which continues the adventures of Uki, the double-souled and double-marked orphaned rabbit who becomes a fierce warrior and bard.

In these current times which are increasingly defined by heightened environmental awareness, the book resonates strongly with its closeness to nature and the beauties of an Arcadian landscape. A hugely attractive feature  of Uki and the Ghostburrow is the fantastic and compelling illustrations which adorn the book, and bring Larwood's world to compelling and vivid life. 

The ghost burrow itself is a vast place of adventure containing the tombs of long dead rabbits and an endless maze of dark corridors, fantastical marble palaces and mysterious hewn  chambers  which are  reminiscent of Middle Earth’s Mines of  Moria. With his comrades Coal and Jori, Uki is pitted against terrifying enemies but ultimately succeeds. This surprisingly epic book is a delightful adventure, crammed with characters who will appeal to many different kinds of readers.