Umbrellas are very useful. They stop nasty plods of rain hitting the nape of your neck, from trickling down your back, warding off the chill of a wet winter’s day. Yes, umbrellas are wonderful! And this is no ordinary umbrella! With Elena Arevalo Melville’s Umbrella ‘anything is possible!’. This umbrella can speak, it can magic friends, animals – even a butterfly band! But be sure to ask kindly – the umbrella does not respond well to commands!

Umbrella is endorsed by Amnesty International and this is no wonder. This is a story about kindness, forgiveness and community. A story that welcomes inclusivity. True to its ethos, the story is told with kindness. Arevalo Melville’s beautiful illustrations support this kindness in evocative, empathetic imagery that has an almost animated quality, drawing readers right into the heart of story. Even the choice of soft colour palette complements this gentle message.

This uplifting picturebook may be pitched towards the very little, but have no doubt that this high-quality production will be treasured by the littlies and the biggies alike! In fact, this timeless tale is likely to become a favourite keepsake that will be enjoyed by many generations of families to come. This tender tale is a wonderful way to wind-down an evening and welcome a slumber of rosy dreams.

Book Cover - Umbrella
Publication Date
June 2019