The Upper World

What do a teenage boy who can see glimpses of the future and a girl who exists fifteen years later who never knew her parents have in common? And how can they help each other? The Upper World by Femi Fadugba considers these questions and takes the reader on a sci-fi journey through space, time, and light-speed in South London. Juxtaposed against the realities of living in a society surrounded by violence and gang culture, our narrators Esso and Rhia learn that there is more to the world they know and experience what is called the Upper World.

Told through a series of authentic voices, the complex mathematic concepts the plot hinges on are described with humour and will engage any reader with even the slightest interest in the science behind sci-fi tropes. This novel is a unique and refreshing take on a genre that is filled with endless possibilities. It answers many questions readers may have, while simultaneously leaving them many different elements to consider.

At the crux of The Upper World is the idea that one moment can change the trajectory of your life, as well of the lives of those in the future. But how do we truly experience these moments and are they really fixed in time? A complex book filled with challenging ideas that will keep readers thinking for a long time after putting it down. Well worth multiple visits to The Upper World.

Book Cover - The Upper World
Publication Date
August 2021
Age range