The Vanishing Lake

The Vanishing Lake is a wonderful read for adults and children alike, as it is a journey of discovery. We experience this journey through the eyes of a little girl, Meara, and in the opening pages, we see what she sees as she travels through the beautiful, rolling countryside. The illustrations are richly textured and in themselves tell a story of the ever-changing beauty of the countryside.

Meara visits her grandad, who lives by Lake Loughareema, which disappears and reappears for no apparent reason. Meara is a kind and determined girl who does not believe her grandad’s stories, but eventually she discovers the real reason for the disappearance. My favourite sentence in the book comes from Grandad, who says, ‘Do you only believe what you can see?’

We are brought on this curious journey to Lake Loughareema – under the water and over hills – by the distinctive and enchanting voice of the author, encouraging us all to discover the magic and wonder of the story. When read slowly, this picturebook explores the cyclical nature of life, with a lovely ending leaving the reader wanting to know more. Donnelly grew up on the north coast of Ireland and the story is based on a real lake close to his childhood home. The Vanishing Lake is a picturebook that explores many themes such as the importance of family, curiosity and the wonders of the natural world. This book encourages children to discover the world around them with family and friends.

About the Author/Illustrator
Illustrator Headshot - Paddy Donnelly
Paddy Donnelly is an Irish illustrator now living in Belgium. He has over 15 years experience as an illustrator and designer, and especially loves working with a textured, painterly approach. With a fondness for illustrating the sea and animals, Paddy tries to inject a touch of humour to his work wherever he can. Coming from a graphic design background, Paddy is comfortable working in different
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Book Cover - The Vanishing Lake
Publication Date
September 2021