Voyage of the Sparrowhawk

It’s 1919, a few months after the end of World War I. Ben’s brother is believed to be missing in action in France, and unless he returns, Ben will be sent back to the orphanage. Boarding school awaits Lotti due to the orders of her cruel aunt and uncle. When the two meet, they hatch a plan to cross the Channel to France on Ben’s barge, the Sparrowhawk, in search of family and a place to call home.

A truly fantastic tale of adventure, with storms and police chases, friendship and hope, this story is full of twists and turns, and Farrant’s beautifully descriptive writing and the fast-paced rhythm of the book make it difficult to put down. Farrant has created wonderful characters whose stories intertwine and overlap in a touching and gripping read, and it’s these bold and brave characters that bring this story to life. Lotti and Ben’s courage and determination leave the reader rooting for them to succeed and remind us that there is always hope in the darkest of times. During this time in history, the world had begun to readjust and right itself, and people were trying to reclaim their lives and find their new normality. Ben and Lotti’s adventure is sure to inspire a curiosity in young readers about World War I and what happened during and after. This story allows readers to imagine what it was like to live during this chaotic, uncertain time, while also inspiring them to appreciate loved ones and be kind to one another. An epic read from start to finish, the perfect book for a reader who loves adventure and action.

Book Cover - Voyage of the Sparrowhawk
Publication Date
September 2020