Wain: LBGT Reimagining of Scottish Folklore

As word ‘Wain’ in Scotland is used to mean a small child or toddler, this book shows traditional Scottish folk tales that would have been shared with young children, but with an LGBTQ+ and poetic twist. Minority identities, can oftentimes can be overlooked when it comes to classic literature, but this inclusion can mean a lot to those within the community or to those questioning their own identity.

The poems speak of finding the person within, the truth of the soul inside the body they were given. The poems tell of love and family and the importance of accepting those for who they really are, whether it be a fairy, a mermaid, or the Loch Ness Monster.

The illustrations are a beautiful mix of watercolour and linework, making for a sometimes-abstract, but visually pleasing and easily understandable piece on every page. The use of vibrant and eye-catching colours help draw the reader into the images and give the reader a moment of pause between each poem in order to think about the meaning behind them, and take in the story being told.

Like most poems, these are the types that have to be read more than once in order to fully understand its meaning, especially if the reader is unfamiliar with Scottish folklore. Despite this, the poems tell of beauty and strength and power; they tell of how the land and the creatures came about, with a touch of magic and nature

Cover - Wain
Publication Date
February 2019