The Way to Impossible Island

Mothgirl and Dara have each set out on their own journey; Mothgirl to find her brother and Dara to get to Lathrin Island by himself, fed up with waiting for his Big Operation to help his serious heart condition. This is a timeslip novel – Dara and Mothgirl are from the same place, but eons apart. Despite Mothgirl coming from the Stone Age, the premise feels very believable, which is a testament to Kirtley’s strong characters.

The inclusion of a map at the beginning of the book marks the start of this excellent adventure story. Told from Dara and Mothgirl’s points of view, the story’s alternating perspectives complement each other. I found this technique particularly gripping in the build-up to the two characters meeting. The challenges the duo face at sea and out in the natural world are especially memorable. Mothgirl’s pet wolf is a personal favourite.

Dara’s frustration with his illness is evident throughout the book and this aspect of the story is extremely grounded. This is a sequel to Kirtley’s first novel The Wild Way Home but reads as a standalone. Accepting yourself as you are, not as you or others want you to be, is the key message from this brave and exciting adventure.

About the Author
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Sophie Kirtley grew up in Northern Ireland, where she spent her childhood climbing on hay bales, rolling down sand dunes and leaping the raw Atlantic waves. Nowadays she lives in Wiltshire with her husband, three children and their mini-menagerie of pets and wild things. Sophie has always loved stories; she has taught English and has worked in a theatre, a bookshop and a tiny pub where folk tell
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Book Cover - The Way to Impossible Island
Publication Date
August 2021