We Are Artists

Kari Herbert has published a bold manifesto for young and old. She declares that there are no rules in art and she demands that the artist be brave, stand tall and make their mark. She goes on to celebrate the power of creativity by showcasing the work of fifteen remarkable international artists.

We Are Artists features painters, sculptors, printmakers, designers and craftspeople who all happen to be women. Women who have used unexpected materials and who have challenged the conventions of art and of society. They have made art in places as diverse as the edge of the Arctic Circle to the skyline of New York. They are private and political, religious and rebellious; mothers, daughters, sisters. Kari Herbert introduces each artist with a revealing snippet of biography. The reader is immediately engaged and drawn into the challenges that each of them faced. Almost all encountered obstacles and opposition; some endured mental or physical illness too. Yet all the beautiful reproductions in this book are full of vibrancy, energy and joy. Some names will be instantly familiar: Georgia O’Keefe, Frida Kahlo, Barbara Hepworth. But equally significant are the works of Kenojuak Ashevak – who saved her Inuit community from virtual cultural extinction; Corita Kent – the Catholic nun who championed pop art or Yasoi Kusama who continues to make and perform today, playfully challenging our perceptions of the finite and the infinite.

Herbert’s approach makes her subjects wonderfully accessible and will encourage many to value their own creative efforts. Useful glossary and notes included.

Book Cover - We Are Artists
Publication Date
October 2019