We Are Palestinian: A Celebration of Culture and Tradition

Written for her daughters who have never visited their mother’s homeland, We are Palestinian is a homage to Reem Kassis’ vibrant, intriguing country. The landscape, religions, history and cuisine are described in such detail that there isn’t a need for a map of the geographical area. Details come alive on the pages. The author’s descriptive language makes the reader feel that they have been transported to the heart of the region.

This truly uplifting book aims to showcase the values, heritage, lifestyles and customs of Palestinian people. Packed with fun facts and anecdotes that add to the text, while the colourful illustrations from Eilouti leap from the page highlighting iconic cultural symbols and clothing, such as the Palestinian tradition of embroidery, Tartreez.

Palestine has played a massive role in the history of the world. The capital, Jerusalem, is at the heart of three major religions; Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The author delves into how each of these religions became intertwined into Palestine’s history and shaped the present country. The history of Palestine is handled delicately. Details are given about its present situation, without blame or retribution. However, this book is more than a history book or a guidebook; it’s a celebration of its diverse cultures, landmarks and famous inhabitants. 

A perfect book for parents and children who are interested in new adventures, customs and cultures off the beaten track.

Book Cover - We Are Palestinian
Publication Date
March 2023