We Are The Rainbow! The Colours Of Pride

We Are the Rainbow! is a thoughtful, warm, and engaging board book discussing the values attached to the colours of the Pride flag as they relate to children anywhere on spectrums of identity including orientation, gender, race, and ability. The language is simple, and runs with a constant undercurrent that the reader is an important and special individual, full of potential to make the world a kind and beautiful place to live.

Samel’s lovely, diversely populated illustrations complement the text by evoking community belonging - whether in family units, friendship groups, or even the wider natural world, encouraging readers to find the ‘we’ in the rainbow as well as the ‘” through an ethos of mutual care.

Winslow also provides an age-accessible introduction to some of the history and development of the Pride flag as a symbol, avoiding any sense that the values explored through the colours and illustrations were arbitrarily chosen, and further neatly communicating a respect to young readers and to the political grounding of the book’s subject.

Coupled with the illustrations, the book’s overall sense is one of profound and heart-warming welcome, where differences are not overlooked but cherished and celebrated, and that every young reader carries a small part of the agency and responsibility to bring the rainbow to their community, in their own special way.

Book cover - We Are The Rainbow! The Colours Of Pride
Publication Date
March 2022
Board Book