We Go On Forever

Sarah Govett’s cleverly written and very subtle word play immediately invites readers into the dystopian world of protagonists Alba and Arthur, and a story told through alternating chapters. Alba is characterised by her wide-eyed curiosity and her hunger for information. Arthur is desperate for authentic human connection. Together the pair are on an existential journey, challenged by the question: what makes you who you are?

In an effort to settle this philosophical debate, the narrative raises further food
for thought. Where is the progression of data and simulation technology taking
us? Are we made of memories? Ultimately, Descartes’s mind–body argument meets scientific insight. Engaging with a variety of concepts and ideas, Govett presents a novel that inspires critical and analytical thought, encouraging readers to relate the matters of this fictional world to those of modern society, not least worldly affairs such as global warming, health care and unequal distribution of wealth. In an age of electronic data and computer processing, this book explores the idea of a world that becomes an imitation of itself.

Risk and romance combine to create a suspenseful coming-of-age narrative. This reviewer found herself completely invested in Alba’s and Arthur’s stories as they unfolded, eager to know how they would develop. For those who can resist the temptation to skip to the end to find out what happens, and for those who can’t, this absolute page turner will leave you wanting more.

Book Cover - We Go On Forever
Publication Date
May 2021