What Do Animals Do All Day?

A beautifully colourful and engaging book full of wonder and adventure! A particular treat for animal-lovers and explorers of the wild outdoors, this book will take the reader on an adventure through jungles, forests, oceans, the magical coral reef and many other uniquely mesmerising habitats.

The illustrations are particularly beautiful, so it is a great one for kids who love to paint or draw, or who love picturebooks. Each page is filled with a new wave of colour and life – from the dark purples and blues of the rainforest to the bright pinks and yellows of the coral reef. As you flick through the pages you’ll feel as though you’re being taken upstream through all of the different and beautiful animal homes the world has to offer.

This book also tells the tales of all kinds of animals in all sorts of climates and the jobs they do as part of their habitat. You’ll learn how sea cucumbers clean the sand of the coral reef, how the flying squirrel of the forest jumps from tree to tree and how the ladybird in your own garden targets pests! Lots to be learned for all about the great animals around us who each have a different role in our world.

I highly recommend this wonderous book for all children, in particular those who are creative with great imaginations and who have a love for the wild and wonderful things our planet has to offer!

Book Cover - What Do Animals Do All Day?
Publication Date
August 2021