What Do You See When You Look at a Tree

This is a warm hug of a book with a love of trees and nature at its heart. We follow a sweet little girl in yellow dungarees and her beloved tree through the pages. Beautifully tender illustrations and rhyming text work together to make a harmonious and heart-warming read. It encourages the reader to have a greater understanding of the importance and beauty of trees with a fascinating glimpse into their secret lives.

The gentle illustrations in earthy hues evoke the beauty of the natural world. You will be enchanted by the cosy glow from the image of the little girl and her father reading together while their special tree seems to watch protectively through the window.

This gorgeous picture book invites children to look more closely at the nature and to notice the trees around them, seeing them as living beings with wisdom to share. The latter part of the book offers food for thought for older children with life lessons and tree facts. It touches on features of trees that may prompt a deeper dive into their hidden life and what trees can teach us.

Children’s eyes will be opened to the wonder of trees and encouraged to develop a rewarding relationship with the nature around them. As the book suggests, if you look closer, you’ll see much more.

What Do You See When You Look at a Tree Cover Image
Publication Date
June 2022