What it’s Like to Be a Bird

Did you know that ravens like to sledge down snowy rooftops on their bellies? Or that partridges are able to outfox a fox? Or for how long a father penguin usually sits on an egg? You don’t have to be an ornithologist to enjoy What it’s Like to Be a Bird, and even if you are, there is still much more to discover about our feathered friends.

Tim Birkhead, a university professor, has travelled all over the world to study the lives of birds, and as a result, this is the perfect guide. The book invites you to imagine life as different types of birds and in doing so the reader witnesses the fascinating abilities, behaviour and habits of a variety of birds both near and far.

A double-page spread is used for each bird and the author uses playful storytelling to describe what happens. This works very well and will appeal to those who are not the biggest fans of non-fiction. Inventive titles for each section are also a clever touch.

Complementing each tale, are the wonderful illustration by Catherine Rayner, who has won several awards for her creative work. The use of watercolour and vibrant colours, along with realistic drawings, work well together and result in a beautiful children’s book.

Book Cover - What it’s Like to Be a Bird
Publication Date
August 2021
Age range