What’s the Difference? 40+ Pairs of the Seemingly Similar

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a bacteria and a virus? Or a tornado and a hurricane? As this highly inventive book sets out to prove, the difference lies very much in the detail.

Each double-page spread features a pairing that young (and grown-up) readers may struggle to identify the difference between; some from the natural world (crocodile vs alligator) others from the dinner menu (seafood vs crustaceans) and more curious pairings from the world of fashion and urban life. Through a series of bold illustrations, statistics and even amusing anecdotes, we are enlightened! Most notably, we discover what distinguishes one object or phenomenon from another in a way that would be easily forgettable in a book without pictures or the same attention to page structure and design.

It is the visual that truly brings the concept of this non-fiction wonder to life. Guillaume Plantevin’s graphic images are colourful and stylish and smart, perfectly fitting for the information-driven audience it is intended for. Children may pore over What’s the Difference? for hours, or simply dip into it now and then. But to digest everything from the very technical to the wonderfully miscellaneous (who knew Bermuda shorts could be ‘dressed up’ with jacket and tie?) will demand at least several sittings.

Book Cover - What’s the Difference? 40+ Pairs of the Seemingly Similar
Publication Date
August 2021
Age range