What’s the T?

What’s the T? is a guide written primarily for trans, non-binary, and questioning teens and author Juno Dawson has also included a section specifically for parents and guardians. What’s great about this “Parents’ Section”, apart from the definitions of common LGBTQIA+ terms in everyday language, is that Dawson covers the questions she wishes her parents had asked her when she came out – and then answers them in generous, accessible, and economical language.

Questions like “How long have you felt this way?” and “What do you want to happen next?” are often hard to ask and hard to answer but they’re important. Naturally, any trans or non-binary teen might have different answers to these questions, but Dawson’s insights will give parents a great starting point for dialogue as well as an idea of what to expect. The guide is, however, mostly for the transgender and non-binary readers themselves. Its conversational style is readable and engaging. She manages to cover a huge range of topics, including medical, fertility, and relationship advice, as well as legal advice and how to access services. There is information on trans terminology, history, and the gamut of hurdles and delights a transgender or non-binary individual might face.

Dawson compiles a ‘Transgender Hall of Fame’, which she dots throughout the book, including famous transgender figures from all walks of life. What’s the T? is the kind of LGBTQIA+ book every library should have on its shelves.

Book Cover - What's the T?
Publication Date
February 2021
Age range