When I Feel Red

Becoming a teenager can be hard for anyone. It’s a part of life when it feels like everything changes all of a sudden. This is especially true for twelve-year-old animal-mad April, who is finding new and strange obstacles at home, at school, and with friends. These are further challenged by navigating her dyspraxia and what she calls ‘The Rage.’

This is an uplifting coming of age story that allows readers to identify with April and see some of the invisible struggles that she, and children like her, face every day. Although the mentions of dyspraxia are explicit and direct, they never take away from the story or from April’s well-imagined and bright character. This book also covers some of the struggles that many pre-teens may be dealing with more generally, including expectations from parents, mean teachers, questions about sexuality, difficulties with schoolwork, what to do when all your friends start fancying each other, feeling left behind and ultimately trying to discover who you are. These are big questions, but told in an engaging way, full of humour and charm.

The second book in a series, When I Feel Red can be read as a standalone story, or enjoyed by readers who may already know April from her friend Ben’s tale, When I See Blue. An enthralling read.

Book Cover - When I Feel Red
Publication Date
February 2024