When We Got Lost in Dreamland

Dreamland is not a fun place to go, as it happens. Nonetheless, Welford’s writing offers oodles of fun. This is an adventurous story that plays with the idea of the subconscious mind, and all its potential. Narrated by Malky, readers are brought along on a series of unusual events. Both real and imaginary, and imaginary and real at the same time… (wires get crossed, things gets confusing).

Malky finds trouble at his door more often than not. None of which is entirely his fault, as he conveniently explains. A dare winds up turning him into a thief, and the new-found possessor of two ‘Dreaminators’; an invention of Mr. McKinley – The Mystic o’ the Highlands. The Dreaminator harnesses the deepest powers of the sleeping brain, creating ‘waking dreams’.

Malky is exposed to mystical musings and comes to learn philosophical teachings that emanate from ancient cultures. His new neighbours, Susan and Mola from Tibet help him along the path to enlightenment, or, back to the real world at least. Borrowed from The Beatles, the motif ‘let it be’ runs throughout the story interspersing the feats of mystery and topsy-turvy idiosyncrasies with moments of clarity. In silence and meditation answers are found. Malky is advised to go to the edge of his dream, and then go further. The only way to make it out of Dreamland, is with a leap of faith. Will he take it?

This book invitese readers to explore and decode the workings of the extraordinary mind. Creative juices are guaranteed to flow.

Book Cover - When We Got Lost in Dreamland
Publication Date
September 2021