Where's the Ballerina?

Abigail Goh’s delicate and vibrant illustrations combine with Anna Claybourne’s clear and concise text to produce a visually stunning, absorbing and informative look at the world’s favourite ballet stories.

Ten major ballets (including Swan Lake, Cinderella and Coppelia) are summarised through a short paragraph giving the history, setting and main outline of the story and introducing the main characters. Then there’s a scene-by-scene telling of the story, all with illustrations. Finally, you turn the page and encounter the brilliant double spread, teeming with detail, humour and life. This is a book which wears its historical research lightly – but it’s all there. The costumes, setting, and overall feel are all spot on. Equally, the stories are succinctly told and easy to understand. Hours upon engrossed hours may pass by while you search – not only for the ballerina, but also for the main characters. And when you’re not searching, you’re being entertained by the quirky illustrations, the humorous observations, the tiniest details. It’s rare to find a book which informs and entertains in equal measure, and with such style and panache, too. Brava! Take a curtsey!

Book Cover - Where's the Ballerina
Publication Date
February 2017