Whistle: A New Gotham City Hero

In this thrilling graphic novel from DC Comics, readers are introduced to Gotham City’s newest hero, sixteen-year-old Willow Zimmerman. Willow is passionate about rejuvenating her local community of Down River, while also dedicated to looking after her ill mother at home. While trying to keep her family afloat, Willow finds herself falling deeper and deeper into an underground scene of shady characters and intense showdowns. Alongside her canine companion Lebowitz, Willow must embrace a new identity as Whistle to protect Down River from exploitation.

Comic book fans will be happy to see the return of several iconic Gotham City villains, reimagined in a contemporary style for this brand new story. For those reading about Gotham City for the first time, Lockhart does a fantastic job of introducing these classic DC characters and establishing their unique backstories, while also including some Easter Egg treats for comic book veterans to appreciate.

Lockhart’s storytelling is warm and uplifting, incorporating many relatable issues which will resonate with young readers. The story is beautifully illustrated by Preitano, with particular care given to individual character designs and different fashion styles. Willow’s outspoken activism makes her an excellent role model for any young person interested in social issues, and her unique powers and partnership with Lebowitz are sure to appeal to any dog-loving readers.

Book Cover - Whistle:A New Gotham City Hero
Publication Date
October 2021