Who’s Tickling Tilly?

This is one long fold out book written and illustrated by Rob Jones, depicting a daytime and a night-time scenario for Tilly and her pals. It’s a down on the floor type book, best read unfolded and displayed in its entirety. Then you can travel along the length of Tilly to find out why she is laughing so much and who exactly is the mystery tickler. All her dinosaur friends seem to be minding their own business having tea, reading, swimming or roasting marshmallows and it is not until the very last page that we find out who the tickler is.

Flip over the book or flip yourself to the other side of this extra-long book and there is a winding down view of the journey we have just taken. It is dark and all the characters we met during our quest are settling down for the night. This book is sturdy enough to endure many playtimes and a good choice before getting into bed. It prompts interaction as it is visually engaging yet cleverly begins the bedtime routine. It could be cumbersome to read in bed though and works best as a gentle last play before bed. It is one for the youngest readers but could have a value with special needs older children owing to the one-page format and easy to follow timeline. Also, Tilly is a dinosaur and who doesn’t like dinosaurs! 

Who's Tickling Tilly - book cover
Publication Date
July 2022
Board Book