This Wicked Fate

This Wicked Fate is the second and final book in Kalynn Bayron’s mesmerising duology that is rooted in Greek mythology. This is the ideal book for teenagers that have graduated from Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series and are looking for another series based on ancient history to sink their teeth into.

The first book, This Poison Heart slowly introduces the idea that the main character is descended from Greek goddesses, while the second instalment fully cements and explores that. We even meet a few of the characters’ namesakes throughout! The plot focuses on a search for Aeaea, the island to which Circe was banished according to legend. The book therefore has a treasure hunt type feel; a map, a missing piece of the puzzle, and a place they must get to for their plan to work. Briseis is dealing with trying to bring her mother back from the dead under time pressure while her adopted family and birth family are colliding as well as dealing with a new relationship with Marie. The many elements of Briseis’ life are handled deftly by the author and the reader really roots for her to succeed in all aspects.

This book definitely has a slower pace compared to the first, but the reader’s patience is rewarded in the last half of the book. This is a great magical realism novel in which the plot is easy to follow with lovable characters. There is romance, mystery and a wonderful host of diverse characters, what’s not to love!

Book Cover - This Wicked Fate
Publication Date
June 2023