The Wild

‘Once upon a time, somewhere not far away, was The Wild …’ is how this modern fairytale starts. In this picture book, the ‘Wild’, a leafy and magnificent creature is a symbol for our planet, Earth. As the pages unfold, the reader follows the changing relationship between mankind and the Wild, starting with mutual respect and harmony to, as time goes by, disregard and decay.

The Wild has been providing its gifts for so long, it now seems to have run out. That is until, one day, a child notices how weak the Wild has become and has the courage to speak out and make other people notice. Slowly, over time, more people start shouting for change in how we all treat the Wild.

A call to heal our relationship with the environment, this picturebook turned fable also highlights the power of advocating, and how one small action leading to another can add up to true change - no matter how young one might be!

The vibrant shades of green of the end papers set the tone for the remainder of the book, where the Wild, an intricate, dragon-like creature, takes center page. From rivers to mountain tops, tree crowns to raccoons, the many species that make the Wild are a beautiful testament to the variety of our ecosystem and are sure to absorb young readers at each page’s turn.

Book Cover - The Wild
Publication Date
October 2023