Wild Child

Join young naturalist and author Dara McAnulty on a nature walk and experience the beauty and mysteries of the natural world that exist on your doorstep. Wild Child encourages young people to look out of their windows, venture into their gardens or woods and wander the local lands and riverbanks to connect with the natural world.

This beautifully illustrated book allows young readers to delve deep into different habitats and notice the native birds, plants and animals that may be found there. Divided into five sections, this book blends poetry with fantastic facts, guiding the young reader through common wildlife. Each section has a discovery element that allows the reader to understand the complex but common natural phenomena that occur, such as metamorphosis, migration and categorisation in the animal kingdom. There are also several activities for young people to do at home to bring their learning to life, such as planting wildflowers, making bird feeders, pond dipping, making a journey stick and building their own terrarium.

Barry Falls pays tribute to the beauty of the natural world with his bright and wonderful double-page illustrations portraying wrens, blackbirds, butterflies, tadpoles, bluebells, bees, hen harriers, otters, dandelions, oak trees and many more. In a world where nature needs to be cherished, Dara McAnulty’s love for the outdoors can be adopted by any child who is lucky enough to get their hands on this brilliant book.

About the Illustrator
Illustrator Headshot - Barry Falls
Barry Falls is an illustrator, living in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He graduated from Ulster University in 2005 and works for a range of clients in publishing, design and advertising. His clients include The New York Times, Orange, Unicef, NSPCC and The Guardian. He has won multiple awards and lectures in illustration at Ulster University.
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Book Cover -  Wild Child
Publication Date
July 2021