The Wildstorm Curse

Kallie Tamm is really looking forward to a summer holiday at the Wildstorm Theatre Camp – the determined thirteen-year-old is adamant that her dyslexia won’t hold her back from achieving her dream of becoming a renowned playwright. But when Kallie finds out that the camp cast will be performing a play written by a seventeenth-century witch, Ellsabet Graveheart, as their finale, strange and inexplicable things start to happen. Because a dark shadow is awakening in the woods around Wildstorm, and Kallie and her new friends soon find themselves in terrible danger.

Focusing on the power of storytelling and the world’s need for unlikely heroes who step up even when things seem hopeless, The Wildstorm Curse is a genuinely engaging adventure, steeped in folklore and mythology. Kallie is a great character, driven and articulate, and the mystery she has to solve and the monster she must confront are intriguing and unsettling for the reader.

A witch with legendary powers, a powerful curse to be broken and a monster out for revenge – what more could you want from a supernatural adventure story? Entertaining, engaging and extremely well-written, this one comes highly recommended.

Book Cover - The Wildstorm Curse
Publication Date
January 2023