Win Lose Kill Die

The prestigious Morton Academy is a place of privilege, mysteries and murder. Only the brightest and the best are invited to attend the private school, with priority given to those who may not achieve success otherwise. There’s a hierarchy within the school, with the members of the secret society Jewel and Bone, at the top, everything they could ever want for their future laid out before them. And for the head girl and head boy, that really does mean everything, choice of college, fully paid, anything. Except this year there’s a problem, the head girls keep dying.

This is a skilfully written and engrossing story which keeps the reader completely enthralled. There are twists and turns galore. There is a fair amount of violence on the page and some gore, which may be off-putting to more sensitive readers. The dynamics of the group of friends, working together to solve the clues as to what is happening and why, before inexorably being pulled apart is utterly compelling and relatable. Lots of dark academia vibes, from the school setting to the history of Morton, the headmistress to the students themselves, all of which give a superbly creepy feeling throughout. It really will keep you guessing right up to the very end!

Win Lose Kill Die Cover Image
Publication Date
January 2022