As we all spend our days far from the homes of our friends, Windows offers the reader a meandering, dusk-time journey through their neighborhood. The protagonist leaves home with their dog at the end of the day just before the town goes to sleep. What slowly unfolds is the perfect journey narrative from the mind of Denos and the artistry of Goodale.

The beauty of this book is not a sprawling metropolis but the textures of daily life in a setting on the outskirts of a large city. Raccoons bask in the yellow lamplight, musicians practice the piano through tiny windows as elsewhere somebody might be learning to dance. Goodale’s illustration gives us panoramic views of the evening life in a city suburb. The illustration layout allows for CinemaScope gazes as we see commuters return home, dogs go on walks by to sleepy plants hanging on lamplit window sills. All for the reader’s eye.

So let Windows be the book to transport you way beyond your four walls and into a wide world of evergreen trees and sparse streets. This book exemplifies how great adventures don’t have to include great big words but can instead harness the imagery and textures of the everyday to show us the magic of a simple journey. At a time when we are all cooped up and tired of our own home, Windows ensures we keep a sense of wonder as we look up while we walk amongst the streets. Although this book is text-light, its illustrations burn bright on the page for any sleepy reader in need of a bedtime story.

Book Cover - Windows
Publication Date
February 2021