Wise Creatures

Hauntings don’t begin with houses. They begin with people. Teenager Daisy lives with her aunt Susan and cousin Nina (who she loves like a sister). After a tragic and mysterious childhood, Daisy has spent much of her life building walls within herself to block out the creatures festering inside her, always threatening to overflow.

When Nina has her heart broken, strange happenings occur in the house; items moving without explanation, ghost-like figures in bedrooms, strange noises in the walls, and mould claiming the bones of the house. Daisy suspects this strangeness is tied to her past, but is unsure how to navigate this fear without subjecting herself to vulnerability.

A complex story about grief, family, trauma, fear, and love in its various forms, this is a fascinating read. It is a remarkably dark story best suited for the older end of young adult readers, due to content relating to self-harm and grooming. However, this book will truly grip its readers with intrigue throughout.

In the lighter moments of the book, Sullivan nails the humour and wit of young people, shining through even in the most dire of circumstances. This story explores feminine relationships with such nuance, highlighting the otherworldly power of love (both conditional and unconditional).

A story that begs to be reread as soon as you finish it, this book is for fans of the most eery of ghost stories.

About the Author
Headshot of Deirdre Sullivan
Deirdre Sullivan is a writer and teacher from Galway. She has written seven acclaimed books for young adults, and was the recipient of the CBI Book of the Year Award in 2018 and 2021 and the An Post Irish Book Award for YA in 2020.
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Book Cover - Wise Creatures
Publication Date
September 2023