Wonders of the Wild

This introduction to the wildlife of Ireland is a non-fiction account, but not simply a mere book of facts. Each page reads as though we are wandering across the countryside with an informed guide in our midst, every question answered along the way. Between more complex descriptions and definitions there are funny and deliciously disgusting facts that kids will love. This book succeeds in educating through the curiosity of discovering these creatures for the first time in a way that never feels laborious.

Each spread combines illustrative colour with small blocks of text that don’t seem too daunting for younger, budding readers. While terms come up that may require assistance, they are immediately explained in a simple and concise way, perfect for building confidence along the way. The illustrations combine the artist's personal style with anatomical accuracy. This balance creates a beautiful yet informative set of illustrations that is painterly, and textural while demonstrating the unique characteristics of the content too. There are even some funny storytelling moments that sit perfectly among the more complex images and add a little extra wonder to the book.

While there are countless books about the creatures with which we inhabit the earth, few focus on Irish wildlife specifically. It’s difficult for the humble snail or rabbit to grab our attention when compared to a huge grizzly bear or venomous snake that so often captivates the minds of young readers, but here we discover exactly what it is that makes these familiar creatures spectacular and worth reading about.

About the Author
Photo - Éanna Ní Lamhna
Éanna Ní Lamhna is one of the best-known public figures in Ireland, in particular as a biologist, environmental and wildlife consultant, radio and television presenter, author and educator. Éanna has one of the most instantly recognisable voices on Irish radio and has been for many years a member of the panel of experts on RTÉ’s wildlife programme Mooney Goes Wild. She also served for five years
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About the Illustrator
Headshot of Brian Fitzgerald
Brian has worked continuously as an illustrator since graduating from NCAD in the early 80s. He has illustrated for newspapers such as The Boston Globe, The Wall Street Journal and for magazines, design studios, advertising, publishing and children’s picturebooks. As author and illustrator he received international recognition for his award-winning book Bounce Bounce.
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Book Cover - Wonders of the Wild
Publication Date
October 2023