World of Food

A book about food that contains only one recipe! All those culinary delights and no washing up! The World of Food lifts a lid on everything that can be eaten and digested. From what we eat to where it comes from, this well researched and interesting book will enchant and educate all gastronomes, historians, and budding chefs.

Beginning with what we need to eat, it cleverly introduces food groups, without the use of the food pyramid.  It can be subtly used as a healthy eating book but remains a fun and entraining guide. The importance and evolution of agriculture is highlighted throughout, from mixing bowls used by Indigenous Australian farmers to rice farmers to modern plant-based diets.

Told using sumptuous information graphics and illustrations, no food type is omitted.  Sharing stories and histories of food from all over the world, a wide variety of dishes and ingredients are described in mouth-watering detail, whilst the future of foods and food production is waiting to be discovered.  Questions are raised about animal welfare, deforestation and the use of plastics and chemicals.  Yet, overall, the message remains optimistic. 

The layout and flow of the text, alongside colourful illustrations make this book interesting, easy to read and navigate. It is a pleasurable read and the attention-grabbing anecdotes make it memorable.  Children will eat it up! It is a worthwhile investment, both for reading for pleasure and school projects.

Read Also: The Story of Food: An Illustrated History of Everything We Eat (Foreword by Giles Coren). 

Book cover - World of Food
Publication Date
February 2022