The World’s Most Pointless Animals: Or are they?

Full of bright and engaging illustrations, this is a book that makes you want to pick it up and take a look through. And after the pictures have grabbed your attention there are the weird and wonderful animal facts to keep your interest. The humour will keep children entertained, but it also highlights just how varied the natural world and all its inhabitants are.

Almost every animal gets a full-page illustration, with a short paragraph of facts, plus some featured ‘fun facts’. This layout, combining text and illustrations, works very well and encourages questions and interactions between the child and the adult reading the book to them, but it would also work well for a slightly older child who is able to read by themselves, allowing them to dip in and out as best suits them.

Some of the humour is a little disparaging to the animals, so it would be useful for younger children to have an adult present to explain this and point out the jokes as opposed to the facts. For older children this could lead to a conversation about critical thinking and evaluating what you read.

Overall, this is a fun and quirky book sure to entertain and inform anyone interested in wildlife and animals.

Book Cover - The World’s Most Pointless Animals: Or are they?
Publication Date
June 2021