Wulfie: A Ghostly Tail

Sedgwick tells the story of Libby, her best friend Wulfie, her absent-minded dad, her evil stepmother Veronika and her horrible stepbrother Rex. Wulfie is a magical creature that looks like a dog with purple fur and yellow eyes. He has amazing supernatural powers such as the ability to stop time when he sneezes or to smell like honey and marshmallows. Veronika and Rex love to make Libby’s and Wulfie’s life a misery.

This is the story of Libby’s and Wulfies adventures as they survive Veronika’s meanness and especially her plan to sell Libby’s home. Libby lives in a magic house, built by her ancestor Zebediah and with a trunk that is a portal to another world, where Wulfie comes from.

Rosa Devine’s simple black and white illustrations bring the characters to life and are beautifully drawn. They capture the happenings and mood of the story perfectly. Wulfie is depicted as a friendly Wulfie until Libby is threatened; then he uses his magic powers to grow huge and save the day. He is especially fond of eating people, who then experience the strangeness of his three supernatural stomachs.

Wulfie is a supernatural inspired story perfect for readers who love ghosts and to be scared a little, but not too much. It is the fourth book in the Wulfie series and readers will be left looking forward to the next instalment.

Book cover - Wulfie: A Ghostly Tail
Publication Date
March 2022