Your Mind is Like the Sky

This book introduces children to the concept that their minds are like the sky – sometimes clear and blue, sometimes dark and stormy. Their thoughts can be like white, fluffy clouds (happy), or dark rainclouds (sad and negative). It is a simple but powerful message. Everyone has unhappy thoughts but remember that they pass, just as dark clouds pass. The raincloud thought ‘is just one thought among hundreds and thousands of your thoughts’, it says. ‘And you can just let the raincloud thought float gently away.’

The thoughtful illustrations, by award-winning artist Laura Carlin, work perfectly with the text, which is simple and jargon-free. It is written by psychologist Bronwen Ballard who teaches mindfulness-based thinking skills in primary schools. Although it is aimed at 7-10-year olds, the book could also be enjoyed by younger children. The fascinating detail in the illustrations will be appreciated by children of all ages. The book will be particularly helpful for any child who dwells on negative thoughts, but it contains lessons for all ages. The latter pages are addressed to adults and give advice on mindfulness and tips on helping children to deal with their ‘raincloud’ thoughts. ‘We don’t have the power to banish our children’s raincloud thoughts,’ it says, ‘but we can let them know that sadness comes and goes, that they are stronger than they think, and that, no matter what, we love them.’

Highly recommended.

Book Cover - Your Mind is Like the Sky
Publication Date
February 2019