You're Crushing It!

Sometimes life is exactly what we want it to be and everything seems perfect. But at other times we feel like everything is out of our control, everything from our emotions to our friends’ behaviour to the way the world itself is being run. This is where YouTube influencer Lex Croucher’s new book steps in to tell young people the truth – this is completely normal, and everyone feels this way.

Written for a generation of teenagers and young people who have grown up with the pressures of social media and the traumas of cyber-bullying, You’re Crushing It is a series of essays that speak to a need for all of us to live our real and authentic lives, to reconnect with those around us and to place less emphasis on the often-fake world of the media. Croucher writes with an honesty and frankness that is both refreshing and engaging. No topic is off-limits, but far from exploiting a potentially vulnerable audience, she treats her subject matter with a dignity and a respect that always feels genuine. Any young person looking for a relatable source of insight and wisdom should give this book a try. Covering everything from family dynamics to relationships, body image to intelligent social media usage, bullying to self-esteem and mental health, Croucher is offering a set of solid principles for negotiating the ups and downs of modern-day life.

Book Cover - You're Crushing It!
Publication Date
June 2019