The Zebra's Great Escape

The Zebra’s Great Escape is a story of the friendship that grows between Mink, a cheeky little girl, and her furry, feathered, and fanged friends. Their adventure is as tender as it is wild. Together they stand up to cruelty and show the courage you can gain when you care for someone.

The book is punctuated with subtle bits of fun, from the complexities of a living alphabet of animals, to the trouble of freezing in place whilst on a swing – turns out it doesn’t freeze with you, which can send you head over heels! Occasionally the humour falls short, slipping into on-the-nose didacticism (silly old grownups who never see anything because of their smartphones), but overall, it is charming.

Not all the moments of lovely silliness are illustrated. Far from leaving a blank spot in the story, however, they give the readers time to laugh at things together – can you imagine what a baby zebra trying to use two swings at once looks like? The illustrations make use of varied depths and textures, giving interest and movement to the compositions. The most intense emotions are conveyed in the simplest lines, often in the background, and yet we feel in our veins the fear of the animals, the rage of Mr. Spit, and the joy of family reunited.

The Zebra’s Great Escape is a sweet and delightful story that confirms what kids already know, and what grownups need to remember: bravery is more important than bedtime.

The Zebra's Great Escape - book cover
Publication Date
September 2022