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The newest addition to the Little Library series introduces young readers to a strong female figure in Irish history, Constance Markievicz, ‘the Rebel Countess’. A politician, a revolutionary and a suffragette, Constance Markievicz led a truly fascinating and impactful life. She played a significant role in Irish history, from campaigning and protesting for women’s voting…

Be Resilient: How to Build a Strong Teenage Mind for Tough Times

Life can be tough, especially for teenagers. There is a mountain of pressures and responsibilities that young people face every day such as school, work, socialising, hobbies and social media. They are beginning to understand more about world politics and global warming and with this can come anxiety. Life can become overwhelming, and it can…

Fire, Bed & Bone

A moving and heart-warming tale of a devoted dog whose loyalty and love proves that hope can be found in the darkest of times. Set in 1381, this story delves into a world ruled by an unjust feudal system where social tensions and violence rise as the Peasants’ Revolt rages through England. The story is…

Nightfall in New York

The fourth and final book from the Taylor & Rose Detective Series is packed full of mystery and adventure. After receiving a letter from the dangerous secret society, Fraternitas Draconum, secret agents Sophie Taylor and Lilian Rose embark on a new mission to save their friend, Joe. Woodfine has created an action-packed, fast paced adventure…



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