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This very attractive and unusual book is irresistible, both for its design and its content. Measuring just 6 inches square, it is chunky – with 220 pages, yet comfortable to handle both for little people and adults. Each right-hand page has a colourful image, flush to the edge. Each left-hand page has just one question…

Baby Goes to Market

This gorgeous picturebook follows Baby and Mama as they wander through a busy, colourful West African market. Mama is busy making sure she gets all she needs. Baby is busy charming all the stallholders and ends up with lots of tasty treats of his own! Atinuke’s strong background in oral storytelling certainly informs her written…

Not an Alphabet Book: The Case of the Missing Cake

If you were expecting a traditional alphabet book then this is not the story for you, instead we have a puzzling mystery that bear must solve, which just happens to be in alphabetical format. Who has stolen Bear’s cake? McLaughlin’s picture book crime story outlines an alphabetical array of culprits and crime scenes. Among the…



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