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Blood Pressure

Aidan lives the ideal dream, a happy teenager, with happy parents, in a happy middle-class home. Add to that his girlfriend Emily, and his life is nearly perfect, apart from some violent and inexplicable dreams which he has throughout his childhood. The shock of discovering that the very foundation of this life is built on…

Caught in the Crossfire

Set in the fictional English town of Oldfield, this novel explores some of the racial tensions which surfaced in Britain after the devastating events of September 11th 2001. It is focused mostly around two families. Mike’s family are from the white, working-class Moorside estate; Rabia’s family are Muslims and they live in the ethnically mixed…

Grianghraf an Bháis

Scéal uafáis, thar a bheith eachtrúil is ea an scéal seo. Plota corraitheach atá i gceist ann ina dtugann buachaill óg faoi thóraíocht scanrúil chun a thuismitheoirí a fháil ar ais tar éis do ghrianghrafadóir olc aisteach iad a chur as radharc lena cheamara aisteach. I ndiaidh dó a thuismitheoirí a chailleadh, is i ndomhan…

Raining Fire

Ethan has a way out: football. His talent will lift him out of his dangerous and treacherous life in an oppressive sink estate in England. His craft will allow him to rise above the draw of gang-land protection and drug-induced oblivion, or so he hopes. But a car crash and the chance of saving his…

The Greatest

Persuading many teenage boys to read can be a challenge. Convincing them to read fiction rather than a biography or book packed with facts is often a step too far. The Greatest should attract all lovers of biography and facts but in doing so it may go a long way to proving to these readers…



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