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Beatrix and her Bunnies: The Story of Beatrix Potter

For many generations of readers, Beatrix Potter is a household name. Her tales of Peter Rabbit are loved by young and old, but how did this little rabbit hop onto her pages? This beautifully illustrated picturebook tells the story of a lonely girl who found joy and company in the animals that surrounded her for…

Flossie Mc Fluff: An Irish Fairy

From Eoin O’Brien, and illustrated by Audrey Dowling, Flossie McFluff is a unique series of new Irish tales that will inspire children and adults to search for fairies the next time they’re walking through the woods. The book brings traditional Irish myths into a modern setting that will inspire and delight young readers. This is…

Hello, Rain!

This illustrated celebration of rain from the mind of Kyo Maclear and the paintbrush of Chris Turnham will make readers of all ages excited for the next day filled with puddles and raindrops, and knowing Ireland there’s definitely one just around the corner. Don your wellies and get out your brightest umbrella for a tale…


Just like the story itself, Square is a book that holds a lot of beauty and depth within its simple exterior. When Circle asks Square to make a sculpture of her, based on her confusion about his hobby of moving blocks, Square wants everything to be perfect, just like Circle is. But will it be?…



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