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Final Draft

Meet Laila Piedra, a straight-laced student with a love for reading, watching and more particularly writing sci-fi. When her favourite teacher and number one writing fan, Mr. Madison, is hurt in a car accident, Laila starts to look at her writing differently. She has a new-found feeling of lived experience that affects what goes into…

Frank Einstein And The Electro-Finger

Frank Einstein, kid-genius and inventor, is investigating energy. His first experiment involves a wool rug and Watson’s nose. When Watson, Frank’s best friend, tests his peashooter, a plastic BB hits the ceiling. Coincidentally, the roof collapses due to Grandpa Al’s attempt to construct a windmill. Grandpa Al wants to go off-grid and generate his own…

The Movie Version

Sixteen-year-old Amelia Anderson’s brother Toby is larger than life – they have always been close – and Amelia has always been quite happy to play the sidekick to her popular brother. That is until a devastating illness takes Toby out of the picture. Amelia is left without the guidance of Toby, and has to finally…



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