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Countess Markievicz: An Adventurous Life

This volume of the Easter Rising Centenary In a Nutshell series focuses on Countess Constance Markievicz, the woman made famous by her involvement in the fight for Irish Independence. In this short biography Ann Carroll leads us through Markievicz’s life, from wealthy origins in rural Sligo, to her marriage to the Polish Count Casimir Markievicz,…

Heroes of the Red Branch Knights

Heroes of the Red Branch Knights is the twelfth book in the series described by Poolbeg as 'Ireland's Best Known Stories in a Nutshell.' The books present Irish myths and legends in a cheap and cheerful format for readers growing in confidence. The easy-to-read type, combined with a picture on every page, bring even the…

Saint Brigid The Fearless

St Brigid’s story is brought to life in the latest addition to Poolbeg’s ‘In a nutshell’ series, aimed at readers aged 6 and above. Preceded by a map of Ireland and followed by instructions for making your own cross and a pronunciation guide; this is definitely a teaching book. Between these sections, there is a…

The Boole Sisters

The story of the Boole sisters is told creatively from start to finish in this instalment of the In a Nutshell series. A delight for young readers, the lives of the four daughters of the famous George Boole are brought vividly to life. The historical evidence and facts of their influential lives are intertwined with…

The Giant’s Causeway (In A Nutshell)

This is the sixth in a series of ancient Irish legends, each delightfully retold by Ann Carroll. Suitable for children who have just achieved independence in their reading, this story serves as a stimulating introduction to the body of Irish legends so beloved of young children.  The story of Fionn’s encounter with the Scottish giant…

The Story of Brian Boru

Ann Carroll’s The Story of Brian Boru is a welcome addition to the host of publications marking the 1,000th anniversary of The Battle of Clontarf. Carroll guides us with ease through Ireland’s Middle Ages, a time of upheaval and many power struggles between the island’s many kings and the Vikings. It is here we meet…



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