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Africa, Amazing Africa: Country by Country

Atinuke’s book has a tall order – it must represent the entire continent of Africa, country by country. Luckily, the book succeeds, as it shines a light upon the multitudes of difference found within African history, society and culture, without shying away from its turbulent past, the perils of climate change and the results of globalisation.…

Baby Goes to Market

This gorgeous picturebook follows Baby and Mama as they wander through a busy, colourful West African market. Mama is busy making sure she gets all she needs. Baby is busy charming all the stallholders and ends up with lots of tasty treats of his own! Atinuke’s strong background in oral storytelling certainly informs her written…

Double Trouble

‘Anna Hibiscus lives in Africa. Amazing Africa.’ But life is about to get even more amazing for Anna Hibiscus with the arrival of twin baby brothers. Anna is worried when all her cousins tell her boys mean big trouble. Then Mama is too tired for a cuddle, Uncle Bizi is too busy making food, Grandmother…

Welcome Home, Anna Hibiscus!

It is not surprising to discover that the author of this book lived much of her childhood in Nigeria. The characters, landscapes, traditions and way of living oozes African life. Although the story in itself is sufficient to keep the reader entertained, this book’s true strength lies in its ability to welcome us into a…



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