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Boot is a small, round robot who wakes up one day in a junkyard with just two and a half memories to his name. One of them is of a little girl called Beth, receiving Boot from her grandma for her birthday. The second is of Beth laughing. And the half memory is Beth crying,…

Boot: the Creaky Creatures

Shane Hegarty’s beloved robot, Boot, returns for an adventure which finds him among friends, old and new, in Ivy Park – a green oasis in the middle of a city being overtaken by concrete and commerce. Through meeting with brother and sister Jordan and Melody, Boot and his friends discover a place full of surprise,…

Little Red Reading Hood

This contemporary narrative of a classic fairy tale favourite not only gives a new look to the story. It turns it on its head and encourages the reader’s right to enter the tale and make it their own. Little Red has an overdue library book and it must be returned today! On her way, she…



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