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Emmett and Caleb

This quirky tale tells the story of the strong friendship between the two principal characters of the book, Emmett and Caleb.  While the friendship has its ups and downs over the course of the story, it generally remains solid and firm. The narrative is divided into four chapters that mirror the seasons of the year.…

It’s My Pond

It’s My Pond is the latest book from French author and illustrator Claire Garralon and has been translated into English by Sarah Ardizonne for Book Island, who specialise in translated picturebooks. In it, yellow duck stumbles upon a nice pond and claims it as her own. She is joined by white duck who also thinks…

Little Wise Wolf

This delightful story presents us with a deeply philosophical question: where and how do we find wisdom? Little Wolf has become known as Little Wise Wolf because he reads so many books and knows so many important things. He spends his life reading and learning about the world. His friends come to him with their…

Maia and What Matters

This beautiful book left me with a lump in my throat. It tells the story of feisty little Maia and her close relationship with her beloved Grandma. The bond between them is remarkable and, thanks to the brilliance of the author and illustrator, almost tangible. They adore cherries, are greedy for cake and enjoy racing…

Mum’s Jumper

Life is very hard for children who are grieving. This book is written with those children in mind. We meet the protagonist as she visits her mum in hospital. Mum’s folded red jumper is visible and a vase of daffodils sits on her locker. The bright yellow of the daffoldils informs the endpapers. Mum is…

What Does the Crocodile Say?

There are plenty of picturebooks on the market that address the anxieties of little ones embarking on their first day of nursery. What sets What Does the Crocodile Say? apart from others is its focus on the sounds and noises that provide the backdrop to this momentous day. From the ‘Dringg Dringg’ of the alarm…



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