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Are Coconuts More Dangerous Than Sharks?

The title sets the tone for this factual book. It is packed with thought-provoking questions followed by complete answers and interesting descriptions. Are Coconuts More Dangerous than Sharks? stimulates the reader to be more aware of the world around us and to find out more about everyday entities. The presentation of the contents page is…

Let The Dice Decide: Roll the Dice to Create Picture and Word Mash-Ups

Freelancer illustrator Sophie Foster has created an action-packed fill-in book for drawing and doodle lovers, but with a twist – all creations are determined by the roll of a dice! Over 60 pages of creative ideas involving aliens, super villains, dragons, and misfits, invite you to design your own dog and uncover your future: the…

Spycraft: How To Be The Best Secret Agent Ever

From start to finish, this book contains everything you need to know about the thrilling world of espionage. How to set up a spy ring, secret hiding places, code-cracking, making and using invisible ink, becoming an expert at surveillance; it is jammed with tips, tricks, advice and instruction. This manual is both practical and fun!…



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